Conference Chairman

Ezio Bolzacchini

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Milano Bicocca
Piazza della Scienza 1,
20121 Milano, Italy
Tel.   +39 02 64482814
Fax  +39 02 64482839
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Conference co-Chairman

Roberta Vecchi

IAS President
Department of Physics

University of Milan

Via Celoria 16
20133, Milano, Italy
Tel. +39 02 50317498

Fax +39 02 50317496

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Local Organising Committee

Ballarin Denti Antonio
Cattolica University of Brescia, Italy

Belosi Franco
ISAC CNR, Bologna Italy

Contini Daniele
ISAC CNR, Lecce, Italy

De Gennaro Gianluigi
University of Bari, Italy

Facchini Maria Cristina
ISAC CNR, Bologna Italy

Ferrero Luca
University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

Fuzzi Sandro
ISAC CNR, Bologna, Iatly

Gambaro Andrea
University of Venice, Italy

Gianelle Vorne
ARPA Lombardia, Italy

Giugliano Michele
Politecnico of Milan, Italy

Prati Paolo
University of Genoa, Italy

Prodi Franco
ISAC CNR,  Bologna, Italy

Udisti Roberto
University of Florence, Italy

Vignati Elisabetta


The International Advisory Committee

Responsible for much of the reviewing of abstracts, consists of the following chairs and co-chairs of the EAA working groups:

  • Lucas Alados Arboledas (Spain)
  • Christoph Asbach (Germany)
  • George Biskos (The Netherlands)
  • Andrei Bologa (Germany)
  • Michael Boy (Finland)
  • Jeroen Buters (Germany)
  • Ian Colbeck (UK)
  • Aladar Czitrovszky (Hungary)
  • Yannis Drossinos (Italy)
  • Luca Ferrero (Italy)
  • Otto Hänninen (Finland)
  • Andreas Held (Germany)
  • Regina Hitzenberger (Austria)
  • Yoshi Inuma (Germany)
  • Willy Maenhaut (Belgium)
  • Francois-Xavier Ouf (France)
  • Manabu Shiraiwa (Germany)
  • Olli Sippula (Finland)
  • Wendelin Stark (Switzerland)
  • Birgit Wehner (Germany)
  • Sabine Wurzler (Germany)
  • Caner Yurteri (UK)


Members of the BPA committee

Nönne Prisle (Chair) - University of Helsinki
Claudio Belis – Joint Research Centre, Ispra
Andrei Bologa - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Yannis Drossinos – Joint Research Centre, Ispra
Andreas Held - University of Bayreuth
Bryan Hellack - Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik
Silvia Henning – Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
Annti Lauri - Finland
Francois-Xavier Ouf – IRSN France
Hanns-Rudolf Paur - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Manabu Shiraiwa - Multiphase Chemistry Department, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Torsten Trischter - TSI
Mar Viana - IDAEA-CSIC Spain
Sabine Wurzler - North-Rhine Westphalia State Agency of Nature, Environment, and Consumer Protection